Conservation Earth Consulting provides environmental, conservation, and public health expertise to community groups, non-governmental organizations, government natural resource departments, bilateral and multilateral institutions, corporations, and foundations. We are experienced in proposal development, technical research, field projects, priority-setting and strategy development, community-based conservation and health projects, training, program evaluation, and the application of emerging technologies to on-the-ground projects. Our team has several decades of experience working on environmental, conservation, and public health issues in over 50 countries, including in marine, terrestrial, and freshwater ecosystems and on a wide range of species, ecosystems, and environmental stressors. We have contributed to the efforts of many organizations, including WWF, Conservation International, GEF, TNC, WCS, GBMF, DLPF, The World Bank, IUCN, BirdLife, American Bird Conservancy, USFS, NFWF, USEPA, Johns Hopkins, Walter Reed, BLM, WIOMER, NSF, ZSL, WAP, CDFG, US Department of State, and USAID.

Conservation EArth Consulting

Publications/Reports: 100+

Citations: 3,000+

Fundraising Success: >$12 million

Workshops Facilitated: 50+

Staff & Partners Trained: 300+